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Sherise Fleming Photography

Gippsland Wedding Stylist
GWedding Signage
Florist Gippsland
Bridesmaids dresses
Event hire Gippsland
Bar hire Gippsland
Wedding Stationary
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Gippsland Wedding Photographer
Gippsland Wedding Photographer
Gippsland Wedding Photographer

From our very first meeting with Katie she automatically knew what we were wanting to achieve. She understood our style and our desire to make the day as relaxed as possible. Katie made the ‘styling, designing and organising’ part of a wedding so simple but somehow knew exactly what we were wanting. We were wanting to have a role in the designing and organising and Katie also made this possible. We were able to make items and be a bit creative so we felt included in the lead up and organisation of the big day. Katie was amazing and I cannot recommend anything more highly, if you are planning a wedding! GET Katie! You might think it will be more expensive however she know what you need and what you don’t need….. it saves you buying lots of little things that don’t have the WOW factor and that all adds up to more than you would ever expect. Also how can you place a price on your time and stress levels leading up to the most exciting day of your life! You want to enjoy the entire process and if we didn’t have Katie I would have most likely ending up stressed, sick and arguing which is the opposite of what you’re wedding should be about.


What did you love most about your wedding day?

Absolutely everything! I loved that I hadn’t seen the hall or the ceremony set up so when I arrived it was all a beautiful surprise to see how magical everything was

If you could change anything from your day, what would it be and why?

To make the day last longer…. If only!


If you were to give one piece of advice to another couple who are starting to plan their wedding, what would you say?

Try not to worry about every small little detail on the day; it goes so quickly that you should enjoy the moment with all of your loved ones…. And to hire Pollen and Patina to limit organisation and stress levels! You are meant to enjoy the lead up to your wedding and your wedding day, not stressing out about it.

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